Solid state amplifier $2K Used or New

System B&W Nautilus 805
Audio Electronics AE-1 Preamp
Meridian 506.20 Cd Player
Synergistic Research Cabling

Looking at possiby Krell KSA50S, Krell KSA100S, Ayre V-3, BAT VK200, McCormack DNA 125, NAD S200
Any other suggestions?
I'm a Bryston owner also (4B-ST and 5B-ST), and think they're fine amps and an excellent value (very well build, and have a 20-year transferrable warranty) -- well worth putting on your short list. The other amp that has gotten very good reviews over the past 6 months is the Marsh Sound Design A400S. If I were in the market for a new amp today, it is one I would definitely audition. The other amsp I think you should audition are the Aragon 8008BB and the Rotel amp that retails for $1995 (can't think of the model number right now).
Go west young man! To California. (If you're already there, go north.) That's where they make the Pass/Volksamp Aleph 30. You will do yourself a disservice if you don't audition it. A very special amp right in your price range. Check this review (by a tube guy):

Please e-mail me if you have any questions.

Good luck.
Pass Labs. The Aleph series can be had for a steal (used) at less than half retail. If you can get ahold of an X-series, by all means give it a listen. I had a Bryston 4B ST & replaced it with a Pass Aleph 5. The Bryston is a very nice amp but I found it to be too dry; in other words too analytical. The Pass has a better soundstage, more detail, tighter bass & is definitely more musical. I also have a Meridian (506.24). Ultimately you have to pick a unit you will be happy with, so if possible audition with the rest of your gear. Have fun!
Just my two'd be hard-pressed to find a more musical amp than the bat vk-200 for around this price used. Has all the tube-like liquidity with the bass weight and precision associated with solid state. Good luck!
No contest---get the Electro from Sedond above--a beautiful sweet and musical Amp and only $800 !