Solid State Amplifier Advancements In A Decade

What significant advancements in solid state amplifiers have occurred in the last decade?
Specifically in Class A and Class A/B.

No replies regarding Class D please.
Mikelavigne-Thx for your insight since your opinions are by ownership NOT speculation!
Great Question. Since my amps are approaching the 10 year old mark, I look forward to the responses.

I think the OP is speaking of technical 'advances' in amp design and performance.

I think the answer is, there have been no advances. Just more of the same with a higher price tag. For the average person, reasonable priced high quality amps, are actually less available today, than a decade ago.

Soon, all we will have is Walmart's selection and the Pass Labs of the world.

He exempted class D.

Its a good question. I'm sure better is possible for a price but not sure how much SS amps at various price points in general have advanced practically in the last decade whereas Class D is still perhaps the new kid on the block, but growing up fast, and offering new value that did not exist 10 years ago.