Solid State Buffer

For impedance reasons I am looking for a buffer. Like a tube buffer, but solid state instead. I know about the Burson Buffer, but I don't think they make them anymore. Any other suggestions?
Would you be opposed to using a solid state preamp as buffer? I've used tube preamps as a buffer between my digital/analog sources and my preamp. I don't see how that could be a problem with a solid state preamp.

You would have more choices that way IMO. Just choose a solid state preamp that interests you or fits your criteria.
I have two SCE HRS (Harmonic Recovery System) buffer units with the standard input and output jacks, like the other components in my systems. These are surplus to my needs. I ran out of space for these two on a new equipment rack.

If you want to use the same type of interconnects you are probably already using, this could save you from having to purchase balanced interconnects if you do not yet own the balanced type which some audiophiles prefer.
Surprisingly, using a buffer is rarely ever discussed, although you do not have to strain to hear the improvement.
Koestner hi, I've used this one, ready made for $20 shipped, quite good, all you have to do is give it +15 -15 and earth, these voltages are usually found in most gear. High input impedance 100kohm and good output drivability.

Cheers George