Solid State Low powered Amplifiers

My quest is to find a SS low powered amplifier to use in the Summer months, in place of Tube and Class A amplification … I have Klipsch Cornwall 4s and limited AC in my hot TN listening room for 4-5 months. I know it will be hard to match the sound I get from tube and Class A …on a solid-state amp and I am wondering if I’m looking in the right place for a “10 W per channel” solid-state amplifier which I don’t even know if they make. The Cornwall speakers are 102 DB sensitivity.

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Here’s a wonderful amp — it’s Class A but as it’s on the smaller side and only puts out 12Wpc it won’t act like a space heater and deliver the sonic goods…

This AVA amp would also be worth a look…

Hope this helps, and best of luck.

Get either a Harman Kardon 300b or 300c receiver and have it recapped.  20 wpc of really exceptional sound quality. Great vintage looks, to boot!

If your preamp has a low gain setting, it may broaden the amplifier options greatly. 

What is the concern of running a class A Amp in summer? I fail to understand. I've had mine for 5 years, I have central air, I do not see or feel a difference. See meaning significant added cost to cool. It is a miniscule amount of heat when compared to the overall volume of an average room. Unless your sitting on the thing I don't see why the worry.

amp camp amp.  class a but small enough in output should not be a big heat generator.