Solid state or Tubes preamp phono stage.

Need some help deciding which preamplifier to purchase. I am looking at hagerman audio trumpet and I have a great offer to buy musical fidelity m6x vinyl that is the same price of the hagerman trumpet.


sksos-unfortunately, I'm not a user of the NVO-yet. Only been a distant admirer since it was the 15 minute internet darling years back!

When I do the next table upgrade, the SPA will be on my list. They seem to be a rare animal on the used market-get snapped up quick when they are listed.

I will be contacting you when that happens! My 10 year of tubed Fosgate has held off the usual suspects for now. Only 7 tubes, and certainly not a heat concern.


@tablejockey yes we sold a LOT of NVO’s back in the day but still sell them, at least one a month so not bad. Very few ever show up on the used market. NVO just released an updated SPA-ONE SE that now uses "ONLY" 14 tubes! It’s our new reference.


Get m6x. Tube rolling game always leaves place for some dissatisfaction so upgrading rush never ends. 

Thanks I order a m6x from music room. I have tube phone stage in my system I decided to upgrade my system with a integrated amplifier and speakers and a pre amplifier.

Another suggestion for your consideration would be the Wavestream Kinetics Deluxe Reference Level 5.1.

It is an all tube design currently using (2 x 12AX7, 4 x 6DJ8); with extremely low noise ( I believe with the external power supply, noise is below 1uV (one-millionth of a volt ) competing with the best of the solid state phonos; providing 3 front panel selectable inputs providing 62 dB of gain (without the use of SUT’s or FETS) with a useful cartridge range of 0.2mV to 1mV. Having both Balanced and RCA inputs and outputs; adjustable loading available on the back panel via custom loading plugs; and an essentially flat RIAA EQ curve within one tenth of a dB (.1dB) from 3 Hz to 40 Khz.

Naturally, with any tubed phono high gain phono stage you will want to use selected low noise tubes, but I can say when using my NOS Mullards in this phono stage, it is dead quiet with my ears up against the speakers with my Dunlavy Signature SCIV's 91 dB sensitivity.

I love not having to use a step up transformer with this phono stage; not having to worry about the SUT coloring the audio signal, worrying about possible hum issues, and having to use extra interconnects and connections, etc.  

The Wavestream Kinetics gives me the pure, high gain, low noise sound that I love. It is incredibly dynamic in both the micro and macro sense, has the "meat on the bones" which many crave, brings the human voice to life, showcases the resonance of the body of cellos and acoustic bass, has the finesse for brushes on cymbals, etc. The music sounds pure and organic.  It is not syrupy or tubby or loose in the bass.  It truly is an incredible phono stage built by Scott Frankland who offers incredible customer service and support, which is the icing on the cake.

Best wishes,