Solid state to tube

I have been a solid state guy since my start in this hobby. Over the years I have built a few systems and have used mainly older YBA seperates pre and power for my front end.

I also have a pair of musetex MT101 mono blocks from Meitner audio which I use as well.

My speakers are reference 3a lintegre

I am thinking of moving to a all tube system 

. However I have little experience

I have looked at Quick Silver and a small boutique builder called Will Vincent. Have not heard anything yet. I thought I might inquire here first for any suggestions from tube savvy members


It's my opinion that small signal music seems better handled through tubes though there may be some tube noise in very small signals like LO moving coil cartridges amplification. 

It seems to be more of a toss up as the signal strength increases through amps.  Then it's how good the designer is and how their equipment is voiced.  My preference is for a particular type of solid state amp design.  But my preamp is all tube and phono stage is hybrid.    

Quicksilver is great equipment.    I just pulled a pair of Mid Monos out of service and they were one of the best amps I've ever owned.   Seriously good stuff for the money. 

Cannot say enough good things about Quicksilver. I own Mono120s using KT120s and drive them with either his Line Preamp (6922 version) or my AI M3B, and this is an end game set up for me, period. The power, dynamics, and naturalness of instrumental timbres (woodwinds, cello, French horn, lute, piano, etc) are just "right" sounding.

Suggest you also try an ARC pre-amp if you can.  They have been "known" for building quality pre-amps since the early 1970's.  I recently bought a used SP-6A for about $800.00  It is miraculous, and I was using LUX tube pre-amps before that, which were not really "bad."

Just a suggestion.  I am sure you will be pleased with whatever you finally buy.  Be sure to try it IN YOUR ROOM before you buy if you can.


Another kudo to Quicksilver. I’ve been using all QS gear for the past 20 years. The stuff is built to last and I have never had a burp from any piece that I own. If you check the site you will see that most of the amps are now discontinued. Mike is still making the Mid Mono. If 40 watts is sufficient I can’t see you going wrong with those!