Solved my streaming grunge (inner detail) problem

I’ve had inner distortion in streaming for some time.  I’m on a mesh, then hard wired to a Lumin u2 mini.  It was like tube clipping distortion especially apparent on vocal harmonies/reverb.  I tried a long direct cable (hard wire) from upstairs.  No luck.  Different tube in the DAC.  No luck.  SPDIF, AES.  No luck.  Moved the Orbi satellite from 3 feet to six feet from my Lumin - success!  Even though it is hard wired to the Orbi satellite the proximity was key.  Obviously something sensitive to strong broadcast in my electronics, probably the Lumin.  I’m sharing because someone, somewhere is having or will have this problem too.  


That’s the complete opposite of my experience. I had my mesh unit sitting no more than 6” from my REF 6 preamp and nothing- same as it always was. I’ve since moved it about 4’ away but it didn’t make any difference. Maybe better shielding?

My Tp-link wifi extender is 5 ft away from streamer with hardwire connection. Zero issues.

Interesting. I’ve wondered about this in the past, but haven’t experimented. So, while I believe my system is sounding very good and not experiencing issues - when I get back home, I’ll move things around to see if it changes things. It’s the only way to know.

Thanks for the heads up. 

I’m surprised we haven’t heard more about Mesh. I was warned years ago to hard wire and not use Mesh!  The same dealer started using a Powerline setup and I tried it.  It gave me more freedom on where I could place my equipment.

I tried a Powerline and found digital riding on my Herron phono pre out (O-scope) in mm mode.  I didn’t try mc mode.  My Luxman phono pre made chugging noises through the speakers mc mode.  I went mesh.  None of that, no drop outs and very good speed.  Not a blanket statement about either mesh or powerline, just my experience.