Some Advice

So, I have a great problem I am going to be adding a VPI Classic 1 to my system. I have a Manly labs Jumbo Shrimp Pre Amp the wonderful Manly Mahi's I am using the so sweet Fosgate Signature Pre Amp. The Zu Audio Sole Super Fly is my loud Speaker of choice. So what am I looking for, is the Cartridge I wanted to here what the Audiogon community would pair with what I have in play. The choice that I have all but settled on is the Lyra Keos ($2,995) any one want to make me think twice. I will place my order on 12-1-12

Wish I had problems like yours ... Tone Publications did a review on Lyra cartridges a while back. Even for the money they command, they are a real value. The review went into more detail and the reviewer was running a VPI Classic II or III I believe. You can shoot Tone an email and Jeff will almost always reply. He has been running Lyra for a while but also lots of other carts. He really knows his stuff and is great to communicate with.

Good luck, I doubt you can go wrong. Love the Mahi's, I nearly bought a set last year but missed out. Grrrrr

I was wrong ... the review was on the Classic 1 and he used a Lyra Kleos. There is a big write up in issue 46, but I found a brief under the AnalogAholic section. He also listed a few other test cartridges with the review, so he might be a good resource.
I think, a Zyx cartridge will give better results than any Lyra in that Arm. Lyras are designed to move all energy into the Headshell and a VPI Arm is not really stable. Zyx carts are the opposite, they are very uncritical.
In all modesty you should look at (my) Ruby 3 S on A'gon
auction. I am sure Syntax will say: Amen!