Some Cables Thoughts

Working on those cable suggestions you all have offered up to me in the past. I was wondering if any of you might know of a decent grade 110V power cord that has a 90-degree male connector on it? Something like this:

If not, a super flexible cable something similar the stock one that came with my Coda amp, that can turn downward asap and not to long of a connector itself, some are supe long. I need to get tight to the back wall.

As fair as speaker cables, I was thinking of a pair of these, 6 feet long with spade ends.

Do I have your blessings?

PS: No one speaks much here about XLO cables. There are these on USAM - 6ft for $600 DIY terminations, I’d just use bare wire (if I could figure it out (lol)

There is another set there as well with bananas for $800, but I prefer spade.

Thank you!


Nice system. I used a pair of Kimber 8TC’s with my Coda amp and KEF speakers, meh. I am going to start sounding like @soix , but he recommended these for me and they were transformational:


+1 on the AZ Satori recommendation. Excellent value. Great cables.

I tried Puritan Ultimate PC in my system and it wasn’t for me. Gave it over 300hrs of break in, then sold it. Are you handy? You can get a good Furutech power cable and terminate it with whatever plugs you want.