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I have recently acquired a Panasonic SP-10 TT with an Ortofon MC10 cartridge. I am using the phono section of my Modwright 225I for phono play back. I am thinking a more modern MC cart would be a better choice. The tone arm is a SME 3009 series II improved. I am new enough at vinyl playback that I am not sure what a good match for a cart would be. Any comments would be appreciated, thanks.








AT-OC9XML.  Best bang for the buck.  Hard to find anything better for less than three times its cost.  Should work quite well with your arm.  Fairly easy to set up.

Very good tracking.  A little fussy with VTA.  Stylus has a good life span with normal care and VTF.


Backwash, There are many MI cartridges that will work well with 50db gain or even a bit less.  IMO, after many decades in this hobby and after many many cartridges have passed through my hands, you are much better off with an affordable MM or MI cartridge than with an HOMC (High Output Moving Coil). Be cognizant, though, that some MIs are low output and some are high output.  Soundsmith and Grado make both types; you want an output of 2mV or higher.

I’m not making a recommendation other than i sure as S admire you for taking this turntable on from a 92 year old obvious music lover….i wish the same…. bless you and stick with it…..

If I were to decide to purchase a newer, modern SUT. What ones should I be looking at. Let's say < $1,000.00, thanks.