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I have recently acquired a Panasonic SP-10 TT with an Ortofon MC10 cartridge. I am using the phono section of my Modwright 225I for phono play back. I am thinking a more modern MC cart would be a better choice. The tone arm is a SME 3009 series II improved. I am new enough at vinyl playback that I am not sure what a good match for a cart would be. Any comments would be appreciated, thanks.








I’m not making a recommendation other than i sure as S admire you for taking this turntable on from a 92 year old obvious music lover….i wish the same…. bless you and stick with it…..

If I were to decide to purchase a newer, modern SUT. What ones should I be looking at. Let's say < $1,000.00, thanks. 

@bpoletti +1 on AT-OC9XML

I also have AT-OC9XSL, which is also under $1k, and sounds amazing! ART-9 series are superb, particularly air-core with SUT!

@backwash  : The Denon AU 340 beats almost all  today SUTs under 3K-4K and you can find out for less than 1K and this is just an example what I'm talking about. Is up to you: