Some components too old now?

I have a traditional HiFi. Some bits are really old, but still working fine and I wouldn’t have a clue about updating even if I wanted to. Just wondering how long I can expect them to last, and whether I should pro-actively seek to update before there’s a catastrophic failure.
In particular, my CD player, pre-amp and DAC date back to around 1990, so these are about 30 years old now:
Marantz CD80 / Aragon 24k (with phono stage that I use) / Aragon D2A
If it ain't broke,don't fix it. Sure, there's better stuff available now but why worry? If you're happy with the sound, be content. Stressing over this stuff makes music less enjoyable,IMHO.
Over the last 10 years good inexpensive DAC's have become the norm. And they are MUCH better than anything before 2000, especially with CD's.

If money is constrained I would highly recommend yo listen to Schiit.

If you have a little more money, Mytek.

Just night and day for CD playback.

Everything else I think would probably be fine. I mean, you can find different now, but not better, and certainly not for free. :)

Technology has improved by leaps and bounds in those 30 years.
If you can use the Marantz as a transport, I would invest in a good DAC like an Ayre Codex or Schiit Gungnir or Yggy. Not too much money, but lots of quality performance. And, they offer updates when available.
Also, I wouldn't spend more than $2K for a DAC, as they have been improving so quickly, and that $2K can get you something that will sound as good as something more expensive.

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