Some DACs I am Considering-Any thoughts?

Soekris 2541                $1.1

Doge 7                         $1.2

Mhdt Pagoda               $1.4

Denafrips Pontus         $1.8

Audio Mirror SE           $2.5

Holo Audio Spring 2    $2.7

Audio Note 4.1 Kit       $3.6

Lampizator Amber 3    $3.8

Anyone who can speak from experience  about comparisons
between any two these?

I like the use of a tube and I like the R2R style of build.

Prefer to stay under $2.5 but might be swayed.

Thanks in advance for sharing.

(Some of these prices are certainly not correct)

Couple A/Bs from yesterday:

Yesterday we tried some a/b comparisons between your dac Audio Mirror Tubadour and 2005 vintage dCs CD player P8i model. $14k new.
Another friend brought the PS Audio Direct Stream DAC. $5k new.
As you may know they both are software based DACs.
Although volume matching was not perfect I found I preferred yours to the PS Audio model.The owner of the PS model felt his had some strengths over the AM. The openness and presenceof the AM was in my mind the big difference.
The dCs comparison was a bit harder to judge. The owner liked his dCs better. I found it a very closecomparison and could not make a definite judgement. With his we were able to volume match more closely.
Our Arizona Audio/Video Club has a Van Alstine Comparator unit which I may use next time if another DAC comparison is to be done.

my input to several recent posts below:

a) yes frank van alstine's abx comparator is quite a truth teller... excellent piece that serves its purpose spot on... like all of what frank makes

b) in my listening tests in my own system, the audio mirror, mhdt and even denafrips dacs sounded more natural, open and dimensional than the border patrol (not that the bp is not good, the others were somewhat better to my ears)

c) point b above being said, the differences are quite subtle and only upon direct comparison can one discern and be confident about the difference - that is another benefit of the ava abx unit - you can a/b knowing what's what, then you also a/b without knowing test yourself if you can reliably and consistent hear what you think you hear among two items
regarding AM Tubadour break-in. 30 days to start really smoothing out and three months for those big duelund caps to become liquid sounding. an exercise in patience. 
Retired electrical engineers and music lovers designed and built the Taiwanese COS Engineering group of DACs, the H1, D1 and D2v.   I have heard the H1 and own the D2v ($5000 list price),  This is a big step up from my trusty, tubed EAR Acute CD player.  It has a 1 second buffer delay that works (compared to the non-delay switch useful for video playback syncing).  The H1 ($2500 list price) has dual headphone jacks.  It is a very open sound with deep, tight bass.  My D2v is a warmer sound while ultra detailed.   I have not heard the other DACs mentioned.  I have heard very expensive Meridian and Meitner, ARC and some other DACs and prefer the COS at the price.  Also, COS Dacs don't respond to footers, they are very well designed and constructed boxes.  I tried various Stillpoints and SR Mig SXs as well as lesser footers (soft, hard, etc).  
I have owned quite a few of the dacs on your list. This is my opinion in my system in my room. I’m not knocking any of them.Denafrips - very nice. Resolving but a bit too much for my tastes. 
MDHT Pagoda - relaxed and warm with a nice tube sound, It may have been a keeper but I was looking for something with a little more sparkle on the top end. Maybe it’s because my entire system is tubes. It may sound better with SS. But still very nice especially for the price. Also, my circuit board went kaput and the owner of MHDT sent me a new one free of charge. 
Lampizator - I’m sorry, I can’t remember which model. It was expensive and it really bummed me out because I wanted to like it so much and it was horrible in my system. It was almost like I had it hooked up incorrectly but I took it over to my friends house and it was really nice. I sent it back and got a refund on their trial period. It’s worth a listen.
Audio Note 3.1x balanced. Pricey, but there is none better IMO. You will no longer be looking for another dac. The cons are: price, it took me 6 months to get it and it will only play red book, no hi-res files. But it does such a good job with these you won’t need it play hi-res. However, I have 6GB of hi-res and DSD files so I regretfully sold it. I now have a Linn Akurate DSM and am really happy with it. I see a few folks have mentioned Moon/SimAudio. I had the 380, I think and was pleasantly surprised but how good it sounded. My 2 cents.