Some famous reviewers have atrocious listening rooms!

It’s almost sad, really.  Some reviewers I’ve been reading for decades, when showing their rigs on YouTube, have absolutely horrible rooms.  Weird shaped; too small w/o acoustic treatment; crap all over the place within the room or around the speakers; and on and on.  

Had I known about the listening rooms they use to review gear in the past, I would not have placed such a value on what they were writing.  I think reviewers should not just list the equipment they used in a given review, but be required to show their listening rooms, as well.

Turns out my listening room isn’t so bad, after all.  




Fremer is a really good example.  He spent $2m+ (at retail, he never pays retail) on his system and $$$$$ on his power supply but listens in a small cave full of LPs and equipment.

Get your priorities right Mikey, especially now you're playing for the opposition.

Listening rooms are the hardest thing to get right. Anyone with mucho dinero can buy wonderfully expensive equipment. However, very few can have the dedication required to build a proper listening room. What a waste...

Darko always seems to have a nice listening space IMO. It's never cluttered. His new apartment in Portugal is getting a nice room treatment.

I suspect many listening rooms full of crap and that look messy may actually be reasonably good audio environments. With little repeated dimensions and/or room treatment there's less likelihood of strong resonances in a room.