some hybrid SACD do not play?

I have heard a complaint about a few of the top rated SACD players from Marantz and Sony, that they do not play some hybrid SACDs. Can anyone confirm this? I would be very annoyed if I bought one of these players and it couldn't play some of my SACDs.
I had this problem with my 1st generation Sony 9000ES (circa 1999).
Current players should play with no problem (IMO).
Dweller: Which 9000ES are you talking about? There is an SCD-XA9000ES and a DVP-S9000ES. I have an early sample of the former and never have I had a problem with any disc, hybrid or otherwise.

Sometimes on the older players, the laser gets out of adjustment or just plain old and they won't play hybrids. My old Sony would only play the CD layer of many hybrids. That said, it played CDs and single-layer SACDs perfectly. The newer players should play everything and I haven't heard about any recent players that don't.
i've owned three sacd players and the esoteric I own now ithe first to play all of my sacds without any issues. the philips dvd963sa and marantz sa8260 both had difficulty with some discs, although there was it was disc-specific not type specific. the miles sketeches of spain and beck's sea change were two that would never play consistently until I got this player. go figure.
Kr4: I believe I owned the SCD-S9000ES stereo-only SACD/DVD player. I sent to Sony for a rumored firmware fix but no one there (was looked at by a Sony engineer not just a garden variety tech) could make it work with ALL SACDs.