Some more modern jazz piano trios

Since discovering Christian Pabst several years ago, I've been slowly expanding my catalog of good contemporary jazz piano trios. Among these include the absolutely fantastic Triosence and the equally melodious Yuko Mabuchi Trio. An older artist still putting out immaculately played and recorded albums is Steve Kuhn and his trio.

Any other suggestions?


E.S.T. though they stopped after Esbjorn Svensson's death, 

Marcin Wasilewski Trio.


Bobo stensons war orphans...cantando....goodbye.Some of the best recorded stuff.Ill be listening tonight!

Peter erskine trio...not quite as well recorded/mixed as bobo.

Stefano bollani trio

Danilo perez is an amazing talent.

Keith Jarrett’s Standard Trio is one of the benchmarks for me. 
Bill Evans trios with Scott LaFaro and post-LaFaro - another benchmark 

Other great trios:

Shai Maestro

Bill Charlap

Tord Gustavsen

Carla Bley

Marcin Wasilewski

Brad Mehldau

Without trying to be obvious, The Oscar Peterson Trio (Ray Brown, Ed Thigpen).