Some new E-bay scams

In some new ebay purchases I have found out about some new scrams.......The seller sells a item and provides tracking, but it is not real tracking number, it is fake.....,They are able to hack into the tracking system and provide tracking even up to "Item Delivered"and when it comes to filling a "none delivery claim" you have a real time collecting because it says "Item Delivered" on your tracking................I've had this happen two times on e-bay in the last three months.........W


Two can play that game.  Instead of claiming " non delivery" claim " item not as described" Wrap up an old sock and return it to seller. 


I buy a lot on ebay and have never had a problem as you describe.  What are you buying?


Buyers are treated like VIP on Ebay. You can always make an excuse for returning an item, even if you buy new, and you don’t have to pay for the shipping either. On the other hand, sellers are scrutinized and scammed by the buyers all the time. For example, many buyers buy vintage equipment and exchange the good parts with a bad one and claim "not as described". Vacuum tubes have been bought, used for almost two months and return on seller’s expense. Sometimes, sellers return the buyer’s money and don’t even bother getting their item back. Other times, buyers file for chargeback with the Bank and get a full refund and end up keeping the item for free. Ebay provides the best shopping experience in the world. When it comes to buying, no retail store can compete with Ebay services, as longer you're not a seller.