some of the best speaker cables under $250

I have owned many many cables over the years but with my current setup I am focusing on a different approach as far as cables are concerned. Impressed with a recently purchased pair of Morrow Audio MA2 RCA cables I feel that there are some great bang for the buck cables available and rather than start with what I've owned and liked in the past I want to try some of the strong contenders in the 'budget' range. Above all else I want musical not dry. I want to hear as much as possible into the music without it becoming clinical. Nothing new, I know.
I'm leaning toward Morrow cables but there seem to be so many cable makers out there I'm interested in what might not be on my radar.
I've owned Signal, Mapleshade, Crimson, LFD, Harmonic Tech, WLM DIY(in use) to name a few. My short list so far: Cullen, thegreencable, Morrow.
My current system consists of an LFD integrated, Tekton LORE Reference loudspeakers, Musical Paradise DAC/OPPO transport.
I'm about to sell a pair of Crimson RM Music Links for around the price listed in the title if anyone is interested.
Out of curiosity, I replaced my trusted canare 4s11 bi-wire with the BJC-Belden 10awg single-wire, used also as jumpers on the binding posts. Speakers are in the exact same position in the room.
My impression is that bass is stronger/deeper/tighter and better integrated with the rest of the range.

Lovely for $20 + techflex + locking bananas.
I had some fulton brown that was very nice; if you see some it should be fairly inexpensive and worth a try.
8' lengths of Supra 3.4 cables can be had for around $100 with bare ends. I had them terminated with Supra bananas and they've bettered all cables I have on hand with my present set up.

Deeper and tighter bass, a much clearer and cleaner presentation, airy highs with no etch or glare, and a wonderful midrange with all the tone, timbre and separation I could ask for.

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Syntax's and Strateahed's posts kinda sum it up .......


This a loop formed by (a) and (b) below

(a) looking for immediate audio performance improvement by investing in more expensive cables without reference to the resolution capabilities and limitations of the system itself first, is a losing proposition; ( as you move up the gear price and matched quality stratas with their improved resolution capabilities . choice of cables becomes exponentially important) and

(b) as Strateahed graphically highlights , at that budget price-point, it is generally just a "pick one of 'em" exercise from a sea of contenders or pretenders without much - if any - distinguishing performance improvement qualities.