Someone please talk me out of this

I use KEF Reference 1s supplemented by a pair of Velodyne HGS-15s controlled by a SMS-1 bass manager that provides acoustic room correction. I think the sound is superb even with large orchestrations since I raised the crossover of the subs from 40 to 80 Hz. BUT I think I’ve found a pair of KEF Reference 207/2s for $7200, and I’m very tempted. The preamp is an Ayre KX-5/20, amp VX-5/20, sources Roon via QX-5/20 and discs via DX-5 DSD. I previously used KEF 107/2s that I loved. but I suspect the combination of Ref. 1s and HGS-15s is superior.
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 I just bought some new speakers, wasn't even looking, went there to buy a gift for my daughter...... of course got to talking about speakers ,   I was offered a generous trade in , one thing led to another and bam new speakers. 

Probably should have put that money away but I look at it like this;  lots of people spend $3000 on trips or other luxury items.   Sure that last trip was a great time and good memories but I like to spend on tangible things.  Every night when I press "Play"  I am reminded that money was well spent.   
Nah.... never get into the way of a 'phile and the objects of his/her desire.  
Blame may follow shortly...
I second the Rel idea. I have a singe T9i with an *old* pair of Kef reference 103.3 (missing the cube that died a while back). Nice and clean, forward but smooth mids, decent mid bass. I know that can find upgrades speakers in my mid-fi/mid-budget system. 
I don't regret buying anything I own, as one poster said, some spend money on trips etc....I like things that will last for years and will be enjoyed the same. Just last night, my wife actually sat down on couch and listened to music with me! My daughters later joined in...we sat there for 4 hours!...surprisingly, all it took was putting on pandora radio (gordon lightfoot station) which played endless songs from the late 60's and 70' wife was thrilled! Yes, it was not hi-res and all, but it sounded great and we spent time together as a wife later told me that she had a great time! This made me think to myself and say all this was worth it! Yes, I would have preferred to be playing my lp's....but that would have required me to get up off couch every 20 minutes lol. 
OP, I think if you can afford it you should try both and sell what you don't want.