Something Fishy with Brian Hoyer

Hey everyone, I see other reviews about this person but I was ghosted by Brian Hoyer. I have confirmation that the money was received by him. It's been months. I am working with the local authorities for next steps.  Please beware. 




If there are things that Brian Hoyer has done as a buyer or seller on A-Gon, then let's please keep it to that.  Most A-Gon members are fine, upright people and fair warning to others is much appreciated.  As for much of this conversation, I believe it belongs on a football blog...  

You guys don't have the right Brian Hoyer. This person is NOT the football player.

Hey Dodger99 - You're now the 5th Audiogoner we know of.  Same MO.  Take the money and run/ghost. 

Please see the other thread in this forum at:

Or else just search on Hoyer. 

We all reported him to our local PDs, FCC, FBI, BBB, and Linn.  The most effective/responsive seems to be the KC DA, Chris Kobach.  Search his website and report a consumer crime.  Someone got back to me pretty quickly and I suspect if there's more, they might move on him.  He's not hard to find - he steals in plain sight and it's just nobody does anything about it.

Please file with KCDA and KCPD if you can!

He also just lost a 5th case in Kansas Johnson Court system and there was another that seems to have dropped.  So now at least 6 victims we know of....

I personally would also drop a line to local news stations, investigative news reporters can drag this fellow and allegedly his spouse out of the shadows and into the light where they belong...