Something looks weird about this auctions?

I was just looking at around the net and stumbled upon this auctions on ebay that have their descriptions taken from Audiogon adds word for word and picture by picture.
Check this links,

Auctions by the seller on ebay

Same exact Dynaudio speaker pictures and description on Agon

Same pass labs X350 add description on Agon

Same McIntosh MA6500 description and picture on agon

I'm sure the legit sellers on Agon are probably not aware that their add are being copied.Now if this seller on ebay doesn't smell fishy I don't know what is? Buyer beware.
It's know wonder this guy has no feedback. Hat's off to everyone on this thread for helping catch these types of scams. Rest assure this kind of activity will always be around. Maybe someday the FBI will get involved and start catching some of these people. We can never let are guard down EVER!!!
Thank you for bringing this up - it is a real service.

I asked a two questions on eBAY the other day and the seller said it would not sell to me because it wasn't comfortable with me asking so many questions. When I traced the address it gave the address did not exist. Who has time to think up these scams? Frankly I never thought about checking up like this until it carped about a legitimate question, namely "Are all the tubes pictured included in the product you are selling me?"

Now we are invaded by grey market equipment at popular prices...I'm going verified on A'gon.

Caveat emptor, caveat lector.
He pulled out the dynaudio speakers because the original owner of the pictures from here in Audiogon emailed, here it is now,
pulled out Dynaudio link
I had this guy busted on ebay, a few weeks ago, I prevented a multi $1000's fraud. He was hacking in to Dormant ebay accounts. what he was doing was running big dollar auctions, using other dormant acounts to be the winners. then he would exchange feedbacks within the bogus auctions with pirated id's. by doing this he was giving him self "recent positive feedback" to make future buyers feel confident. it would be a matter of time before he had over 20+ auctions worth over $20K EACH!. The way i caught on to his scam, he was a 2+ year dormant account. All of his recent feedback was from 2+ dormant accounts. He listed A no.33 amp in one auction, As i was notifing all of his high bidders , a person responded that he was in contact with the seller, and the action was for one ,JUST ONE MONO amp?.
he had quite a few Auctions running AT THE SAME TIME and ended THE SAME TIME. he would not respond to Any of my emails asking for serial numbers to verify it with levinson. after alll the actions ended, I warned all 4 highest bidders, the auctions are a fraud. the irony i found out was........... all of the high biders where suspended along with all of the "people" who gave him the "recent positve feedback" so actually i was warning the scam artist himself! Well EBAY suspended all acounts, as you can see in his auction histories, and the best is the bid history where you see all of the high biders in all auctions got suspended. Also see his feedback.

user id is "cincinoh"

did i get a thanks from EBAY..............NO

My hat is off to all of your fine detective work. As for me, I buy records on ebay, but have never looked for audio gear, and never will. Viva Audiogon!