Something on top of a speaker=okay?

We have a (toy) stuffed dog laying on top of one of our floorstanding speakers. Does this affect the sound?  

Do I need to find an identical breed of stuffed dog to put on the other speaker to maintain balance? Does it matter if it's a dog, an elephant or a cute bunny? What about the color? We can dye the dog's fur if that improves the soundstage.


I keep mine symmetrical. One has a moon globe on it, the other a Mars globe that are both 12" in diameter. Seriously, I don't think anything on top of the speaker matters all that much as long as it doesn't overhang the front baffle or resonate at any frequency. YMMV. (I did put some rubber bumpers under those globes stands just for the heck of it). 

@ibmjunkman regarding air pressure, probably not at the slight natural range of pressure differences here on Earth. However, long ago on Skylab (1973-1974), where they kept the pressure at 5 psi of pure oxygen, the sound attenuated quickly, causing the astronauts to have to yell at others located at the other end of the thing where the Apollo Telescope Mount controls were located. I think studies were done on frequencies lost (mostly the highs) from the low pressure.

Today though, the ISS keeps its pressure identical to Earth’s sea level, so they don’t have to contend with that.

I would wonder if the relative humidity would make a difference and whether that difference was audible?

To effect the sound good way the dog has to be at least 30-50lb of weight:)))) in some setups heavy weights on top of the speakers could help fighting vibrations and stabilise the speakers. Probably it could be useful if the speakers are too light or the floors are too curvy. 

Batteries on the cables! I got it all wrong. I thought you put them on top of the speakers. Geesh , now I can get those car batteries off the speakers. My wife will be so pleased. 

I have dust on top of my speakers. From time to time I use a leaf blower to remove it. This also helps rearrange the room. It’s very important not to point the blower up as that could rip down some of the tin foil on the ceiling.