Something other than Harbeth SHL5

Don't get me wrong. I love my Harbeths, but they're all I've owned for a long time and it was Spendor before that. I've got the itch to try something new.

Budget around $8000 new.

Room size is 14.5 feet x 25 feet. Listening "area" is in one half the room.
Amplifier is Audio Hungary Qualiton A5i. Tube amp, 50 wpc
Primary source is FLAC and DSD files to PSAudio DirectStream Dac
Subwoofer is MJ Acoustics Reference 100 set at a roll-off of 34 Hz.

My musical tastes are classical, large-scale choral works, symphonies, along with solo piano, also organ (rumbling the floor). Some jazz, female voices, and a little opera, again female voices. I love good imaging, life-like sound, large soundstage, and the disappearance of the speakers. I like the feeling of being there, without going deaf. I feel like I have to play the SHL5s loud to make them come alive.  I'm very sensitive to upper frequencies going too harsh/bright.

I auditioned Audio Note AN-J in a studio and they blew me away in the way that they disappeared.  Detail, and soundstage were magnificent. However, I thought I heard a little graininess is the mid-range at one point.

I've also read a lot of reviews and did hear some samples on YouTube (I know, I know) of Audio Solutions Figaro M, and they did sound magical. They're simply not available in South Florida, so I will not be able to audition them. But there is definitely something going on with those speakers.

Has anyone heard all 3 or two out of 3 to give me some opinions? Thank you!

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be careful of going to a speaker smaller in scale compared to the SHL5.  

you would hate to lose something in the process.  



I very much agree with that.  With small stand mounteds, all I hear is speaker-in-a-shoebox.  LOL

You may want to pay a visit to Soundlux in south Florida if you haven't already.  They have the full Audio Note line of speakers.  I think they may have a pair of Fleetwood Devilles  in the store as well that you could audition.  I heard the Joseph audio at the Florida Audio Expo and thought they were great.  For the money, the Mofi speakers were hard to beat. They were playing them with a HiFI  Rose and sounded as good to my ears as many of the rooms with 10 times the price in equipment.  


I am planning to go there, but so far, nobody has responded to my email.



You might take a look at the Wilson-Benesch P 1.0. If you scroll down on the page you will see a cut away of the new tweeter which has evolved from previous designs and completely built in house...They make some fine speakers.