Somewhat obscure Mcintosh amps.

I have the chance to buy a used Mcintosh MC126 6 channel amp for a decent price and can't find a whole lot about it or anybody that has owned one. I would be using it in the mono "bridged" mode which basically triples the power output.

I have seen a few MC7106 for sale which is similar but had never came across the MC126 until recently.

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I tried the 7106 once and didn't like it at all, and I am a Mac fan. If it's anything like that I would avoid it.

What single channel are you intending?

Just to clarify what I found:

120 wpc x 6 at 4 ohms; 80 wpc x 6 at 8 ohms

"CONFIGURABLE POWER OUTPUT. Channels 1/2, 3/4, and 5/6 can be operated either in the normal mode (120W x 6) or with each channel pair independently bridged (275W x 3). Configurations of 5 and 4 channels are also possible."

no mention of bridged MONO or 360 wpc. Perhaps they mention it in the full manual

mixed review

seems they only made it a few years: 2001-2003

might be hard to find parts if needed.


Roxy, BTW, what didn't you like about it if you don't mind saying please?

I read that same thing Elliott and it sound and looks like from the pics of the back, you can configure any channel in mono mode to output the 275 per channel vs 80. I only need two channel driven.