Songs that trigger you to switch the station or...

It's sucks now in North Carolina. July, August and almost all September in high 90's and now we're down to low 50's with non-stop rain for couple of week straight-up.

GnR song "November Rain" immediately triggered my hand to shut that damn radio down!

Outside of weather nomination I'd do same if I hear "Stairway To Heaven", "Born In The USA",
Way too many to list, but I'll mention just one. Although I like a great deal of the Beatles work, I'd have to put "Hey Jude" in that category.

-- Al
"Stairway To Heaven" are you sure your a music lover? "Smells Like Teen Spirit"! The silly lyrics/poor vocals-musicianship only scratch the surface(lol)! The music media "praise" is not only laughable it's downright sinful!
+1 for Hey Jude. A local station always announces their mandatory Marley. I appreciate the warning. And anything by Nickelback. To the one who mentioned Stairway - that's just wrong!:-)
I am big music lover, but my dilemma is in words. I go totally different way and not even looking for any "Stairway to Heaven". For same reason I'd shut down on "Tears in Heaven" respectively. Ain't my personal way nah...