Songs you use when auditioning gear

What are some of your favorite songs to play when auditioning gear?  I often listen to Dreams by Fleetwood Mac.  Just about anything off of Gaucho or Aja by Steely Dan or Joni Mitchell’s Hejira or Hissing of Summer Lawns usually gets spun up too.  Dreams, in particular, is such a great song and is recorded with the balance I really like as well as a full and wide soundstage.  Wondering what some of yours are to see what I’m missing.


Hans Theseesink & Terry Evens- Delta Time

Massive Attack- Mezzanine

Radiohead- OK Computer

Daft Punk- Random Access Memories

Miles Davis- Kind of Blue

Jeff Buckley- Grace


@blue-magoo Ok Computer is a great album.  I just spun up Jellyfish Spilt Milk that’s on the list from your link.  I haven’t listened to that album in ages.


I think we have every Radiohead and Eno in our house. If you like techno try Kruder Dorfmeister- The K&D Sessions if you can find it.

And Flight of the Hippo blue my mind as well

Henry & Reinhardt - The Halloween Shuffle

Bass, organ, sound effects, bongos, fun

@danager With due respect you, are wrong. Aaurally, it clear that the source for Gaucho is not digital. There is confusion because of their use of the Wendel digital drum machine/sampler. For one reference source regarding the recording, see the following from Sound on Sound (Recording industry magazine) "When working on Gaucho (1980), they pioneered the use of engineer Roger Nichols' freshly developed Wendel sampling drum machine and audio sampler (12.5kHz/12-bit) for drums and percussion. An indication of the amount of overdubbing, splicing, and re-recording that went into their quest for perfection was that Nichols and Scheiner used up 360 rolls of tape recording Gaucho."

The Sony, Soundstream and Mitsubishi digital multitracks used in the early eighties have a very distinctive sound - see Donald Fagen's The Nightfly, Ry Cooder' Bop Till You Drop and Pat Benatar's Tropico albums for examples. They sound different to recordings that were made on Studer and Otari 24/48 track analogue even where those recordings were mastered to digital - for example Rush's Moving Pictures which was recorded on a Studer A800 but mastered on to a Sony PCM 1610.