Sonic difference between MF PSU-v3 and wallwort

Interested in members opinion on the Musical Fidelity PSU-V3 power supply and the supplied wallwort, is the difference audible?The wallwort seems to vail the lower midrange and bass end, will the PSU-V3 remove the vail and restore the dynamics? Thanks for your opinions and Happy Easter.
I have an X-10v3. Without the X-PSUv3, I wouldn't even consider keeping it (my guess as to why we've seen so many up for sale). IMHO the X-PSUv3 is absolutely essential. It takes care of the low end quite nicely.
I have a X-LPSv3 which is very nice without the outboard power supply, BUT adding the X-PSUv3 took the phono stage to the next level. No wait, it took into the next GALAXY!! VERY WELL WORTH THE INVESTMENT. Actually I would consider it a MUST for any of the X components...