Sonic Frontier Power 3 Monos Advice

Anyone familiar with these amps either good or bad, would appreciate your opinion. Thanks for replying. Rick
I can give advice on Power 1 and 2. Does that count? I auditioned both for my Martin Logan speakers, and I found them to be excellant amplifiers. The sound and build quality is superb. Although my previous amplifier was a solid state class-A Threshold, I have not regretted my decision. With the Power 1, I still look forward to a listening session, and the excitement from my purchase 18 months ago has not diminished. Ultimately, I bought the Power 1. Why? Two reasons: the power differance to my ears and in my system was negligible, and the tube replacement cost is much less. After auditioning tube amps from other well known high-end manufacturers, Sonic frontiers seemed to offer the most value. Good luck!
What kind of speakers are you using and preamp? These two factors are very important believe or not? As far as I am concerned, I think the Power 3's are probably one of the best mono tube amps out there. I am using them to drive a pair of B&W Nautilus 802s with Convergent Audio Tech Ultimate preamp. I am telling you, I have heard system that cost over $100K, and they don't sound a whole lot better than my system.. I am using Linn LP12 with MicroBenz Ref cartridge. My digital frontend is the only weak link in my system--1996 Parasound CDB2000 and DAC2000. Not bad sounding, but doesn't compare to the latest digital frontend. Remember to change the powercords on the Power3s to something very very fast sounding. I am using the latest Siltech PowerAmp cords. Change the sound about 25% better. Good luck. Email me if you need more info.
They are some of the best amps you can get regardless of price. One thing that stands out about them is they won't "change" the way they react or sound with most speakers. This is because the output impedence is very low...which results in excellent damping. Look at the measurement section of the Stereophile review of the Power 2. John Atkinson says to the effect of "this is one of the few tube amps I could use to evaluate speakers" Very telling statement that some may overlook. We have sold them to Martin Logan and Magnepan owners with excellent results. And at the prices they go for it's a no-brainer.