Hi guys
I have my first tube preamp in my room and was wondering what tubes (crucial area only) and caps you have tried...also where you got them from..
I have been in touch with Chris Johnson of Parts Express on his super duper upgrade as he is a hour away from work but im in Canada and he wants to charge $60/hr and taxes in USD... Not gonna fly in my house.. besides I have my own tech.
He uses V caps ($$$$) but was curious about Mundorf maybe or????
Also what tubes you found that were smooth..
Not sure all the sources for these items.
I use Mark levinson ml series amps with my awesome ATC super mids and SS 7100 tweeter and have a fully recapped KRELL FPB 600 running all my lows..
Any experiences and help appreciated. ...
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Botton line is Chris understands his designs and is in a position to tune the sound better. Pretty simple line of logic. He also understand the electronics and design principles in his units.
The problem with having a 3rd party tech, unfamiliar with the Line 3, make modifications is that they will likely not know which exact component positions affect sound. Not all do, so you may be paying for unnecessary experimentation or parts replacement.

Do some searches here on Audiogon and Audio Asylum, and you will find that even the tube positions that affect sound are very tricky. A few do not affect sound at all, or much less than others. How is your local tech going to know that?

My guess is that you will actually save money n the long run going with Parts Connexcion.
Well the seller called the condition a 9 but was more a 5 or was quite a ordeal getting my money back as I donnot take kindly to people like this..
I was not going to pcx and that was final gents..
You can go on about his mad skills all you want but it will never happen..