Hi guys
I have my first tube preamp in my room and was wondering what tubes (crucial area only) and caps you have tried...also where you got them from..
I have been in touch with Chris Johnson of Parts Express on his super duper upgrade as he is a hour away from work but im in Canada and he wants to charge $60/hr and taxes in USD... Not gonna fly in my house.. besides I have my own tech.
He uses V caps ($$$$) but was curious about Mundorf maybe or????
Also what tubes you found that were smooth..
Not sure all the sources for these items.
I use Mark levinson ml series amps with my awesome ATC super mids and SS 7100 tweeter and have a fully recapped KRELL FPB 600 running all my lows..
Any experiences and help appreciated. ...
I don't understand why you would buy a cheaper product that sounds bad, spend more money on it and hope that will fix the problem.
The problem is his experience is with a half functional unit. Who knows, he might like it if 100%
Getting an SF Line 3, having a non-authorized tech do major mods, then possibly finding out that you still don't like the sound is a pretty good recipe for ending up with a unit that no one else will buy from you without taking a major loss on your investment.

Your Line 3 would be virtually worthless to anyone else looking to get one. Not many people would consider buying a unit that's been heavily modified by an unknown tech, no matter how good you think his shop is.

Be patient and just wait for a fully upgraded Line 3 to come up for sale. They seem to every 3 months or so. Then, you can check it out and not lose money if it is not to your liking.

Otherwise, just get something else
"ZD542...NO OFFENSE but my original question was ""What tubes & caps have been tried""... I just stated that I am not using CJ and you insist otherwise.."

No offence taken, and yes I did go off topic. That said, I think my post was relevant because that's the best answer I could give based on your info. I only meant it as another option that you may want to consider.

I don't recall if anyone already brought this up, but if you can't afford a VAC, there's still some great options out there from other companies. It might be worthwhile to look into it.
Hi All,

I have an SF Line 2 on the way. I will be using it with a ModWright Oppo and primarily listen to digital media. I also recently purchased a Conrad-Johnson MF2275, so there's that....

I am looking for a 'dark liquid' sound. Not 'warm' or 'bloomy', certainly no glare or blare. A hint 'woody' would be alright. Tightly radiant and/or illuminating would be good.

So what tubes can you all recommend?

Thanks so much for for all of your shared experience.