Sonic Frontiers Power 2 + Infinity Kappas=?

I am interested in pairing my Sonic Frontiers Power 2 amp (110wts/channel) with a pair of Infinity Kappa 9s, the amp destroyers. I have seen people running them biwire, bi amp etc...with extremely high current solid state amps, but will a Power 2 be able to run them without getting fried? I have heard that the Kappas can dip below 1 ohm when it is reproducing low frequencies. Any experiences with this amp and another current and power hungry speaker is appreciated
I used to sell Kappa 9's. You must keep the rear switch OUT of the extended position to have any chance with the Power-2. The Kappa-9's drop below 1 ohm in the extended position. In any event you should probably look for another speaker as tube amps do not really like the Kappa impedance even in the normal position. Underwoodwally
What solid state amp would you recommend to handle the bottom end or the full range of the Kappa 9? Used, contemporary of recent past?
For the bottem end, Krell, Bryston 4Bst, or any other high current/high damping factor amp with adequate power. For the Full range, the Bryston 7Bst would drive the 9's.