Sonic Frontiers Service

Has anyone tried to contact their technical dept either by mail or phone of late? Sent an email over a week ago without reply. I have called 2 times and left messages for Nick without reply. The 2 people I got on the phone had no intimate knowledge of my amps to answer my questions.

I realize they sell a lot of product, but complete avoidence of email and phone messages is not acceptable.
Nick has answered my emails in the past two weeks with prompt responses. I would email him again.
Nick responded to my e-mail in about 3 days. I was also able to talk with him 2 days ago. He answered in 2 rings (that's a first).I kind of think he is a one man Tech Dept. He seems to be very knowledgeable on the SF and Anthem amps.
Hi; I sent a email ; Got impatient, called--left a message. Within a day,Nick called me. Lucky enough,I was home.
I haven't had need to contact them lately, but have always gotten excellent service from them in the past. As Sm noted above, I think Nick can get pretty busy at times. Craig