Sonnet Audio Morpheus

No shortage of DACs out there for sure.

But here’s another DAC worth some investigation.
Anyone here own one or heard one?
Opinions, impressions?

I read the 6Moons review where it earned a Blue Moon Award but
I find their reviews cryptic and the writing style difficult to follow.

Built in Netherlands, available in US.
Not cheap but far from the upper end.
@mitch2 i share those sentiments entirely. Cees has accomplished so much with both Metrum and Sonnet. I simply wanted to weigh into provide a user’s direct experience, which tends to contradict the gushing reviews regarding the Sonnet’s purported sonic benefits. While it is a stupendous DAC offering a feature set and value proposition that outdoes what Metrum provided, I don’t yet feel that the sound is a universal improvement. I do feel it is better sound per pound and would recommend it for those seeking support from a solvent company. I urge everyone to hear what the Morpheus can do (which is quite extraordinary) but as a Pavane user who has explored the Sonnet Morpheus, and is willing to spend more and wait, I am anxious to see Cees scale the new heights I am certain Sonnet will achieve as it develops to a higher price point. Even now the Morpheus competes with Lampizator, PS Audio, and others, but I find the Pavane to be, bar none, the best digital audio converter I have ever heard in my system. Cees is a genius. 
I appreciate your comments on this thread.

I have never heard a Metrum DAC. For the last fives years or so I’ve been enjoying an Aesthetix Romulus Eclipse w/volume control and decided to try something new just for fun. So I purchased the Morpheus after researching as much as I could about it. As far as I know there are no dealers near me for an audition.

These two DACs have quite different sound signatures but I like them both. The Morpheus definitely has the upper hand in resolution and weight/punch, especially in the low end, while the Romulus has much better finesse and grace.
I’ve rolled the pairs of 12AX7 and 6922 tubes in the Romulus to my taste.

I’m currently using a Wadia 270SE transport with both DACs although I have other transports yet to try. Connected with 1.5m Shunyata Sigma XLR digital cable. Redbook only for now.
If Sonnet releases an upgraded DAC I would definitely consider a purchase.
There's a thread on 6Moons if you want to follow the development of the new Sonnet DAC, so far un-named. Not much information though.

Looks like new Sonnet Pasithea DAC will be available sometime early 2022 @ about double Morpheus price.

Looking forward to hearing it and reading reports and reviews.

A review of the Sonnet Pasithea has been completed on Six Moons.

If you read the review and feel that you understand its conclusions please summarize it for us as many of these reviews seem extremely cryptic. Maybe it's just me but I find some Six Moons reviews difficult to understand.