Sonos mod by wyred

Has anyone tried the new sonos mod by wyred4sound to remove sonos'jitter issue and make the sonos a high end digital source to better feed an outboard dac?

Is it worth it? Shouldn't a good quality dac, like W4s dac1 already correct the jitter issue? If not, am I better off paying $500 on the sonos mod and $500 on a dac, or $0 on a sonos mod but $1000 on a better dac like the w4s dac1 or benchmark?

Thank you!

P.s. See news section for wyred4sound for sonos mod
If you cannot do it yourself or know someone who can do this for you then you are probably paying to much fo rthe modifications. Not all modifications made a significant difference. I have a friend who spent close to $4K from a recognized mod company and it was not worth it. Better yes but not to the level he wanted.
Late post - but for anyone looking, W4S does a lesser expensive I2s modification (than the re-clocker) if you have their DAC-2.
I just got mine back fron Wyred for Sound. It was set at 24/96. The sound is very open, crystal clear and as detailed as anythiing I have ever heard. I am playing it on a new Peachtree IDAC with Cardas high speed cable. I have about 3 hours of play on all. The only thing it lacks is warmth. I am hoping with break in it will warm up.