Sonos music system installation

All - I am not affiliated with Sonos in any way, but I just have to share my experience installing a 6-zone Sonos system at a friend's house this weekend.

We went to two stores, since no one had enough product in stock to handle 6 zones, and my buddy bought 3 Sonos intro-kits (2 zone players and a controller per kit). Went to his home, installed the software on his PC, pointed to his Music files, and started adding zone players.

All in all, this was the most trouble-free installation of ANY kind I've ever encountered. Everything worked perfectly right out of the box - all "plug and play" - and each unit even updated its own firmware via the internet automatically.

My buddy and his wife are tickled pink - and everything sounds great (I didn't do any critical listening, but they really installed it as a background music system anyway - all connected to bookshelf-sized speakers).

The hand-held controllers are too cool - I will definitely be installing 3 Sonos zones in my home soon (waiting for the ZP80 for 2 of my zones).

Once again - believe me - I am not affiliated with Sonos. I just think they should be congratulated on such a well-engineered product. It's just plain fun to use.
Couldn't agree more. I bought one of the intro kits several months ago as a test. I connected it to my VRS Audio Systems Music Server via ethernet and connect the outputs to my in-wall speakers. Once I had pointed the Sonos as my music files, I was in business.

I bought a second intro kit, installed it on a separate floor of our home via wireless, and had whole house audio in a matter of minutes. The controller is just as user-friendly as the iPod. The Zone players bear a strong resemblance to the MAC Mini. Very high WAF all around!

We're remodeling our home at the moment, and there will be six zones and three controllers.
My wife and I also love the the Sonos system. We have one for the bedroom, and when we finish building our house will use this instead of a wired system. The remote is remarkable.