Sonos Products

Has anyone tried the new Sonos Products?

How was your experience?

I'm thinking of adding the Sonos ZonePlayer 90 to my audio system to stream music wirelessly from my NAS (CDs ripped to FLAC).
Sonos also just released a free controller app for the iPad. Really slick! Can't imagine that there is a nicer controller out there for any system.
Bertico0357, at least in my experience, the Cullen mod is worth it. I've A/B'd both modified and unmodified units in front of a modest Monarch DIP>Monarch NM24 DAC>Jolida 302 integrated>Aerial Acoustic 5B system, and the difference is pretty significant. I sincerely wished that were not the case, but there it is.

I've also tried deleting the DIP, thinking maybe there's too much stuff in the signal chain, but it too consistently improves things. IME.

Pkubica, I agree -- it's very very slick and it's FREE.
i was thinking of replacing my old zp100 with a zp90 so that i could use the digital outs in the zp90 to a dac and then to a jolida integrated. based on what i am reading here, a cullen mod is needed and just an external dac does not suffice. what is a better way to get lossless music from a nas to the main system? i know a bit anout olive, but anything elsr that can work with an existing nas?
I use a stock ZP-90 > digital out > a Cary Xciter DAC > Bada hybrid integrated amp. I also stream my entire library stored as AIFF via ethernet into the Sonos and out the digital cable into the DAC.

While it sounds terrific I still can not critically listen to music this way. I can sit back and enjoy the randomness of the programmed "station" but if I want to seriously listen I need my cds. The files on the NAS still don't compete either. Oddly. Maybe a modded ZP90 would help. I am going to put a reclocker on the Cary in the naxt couple of months. Maybe that'll help.
tiggerfc, i am swapping th zp 100 for a zp 90 with digital outs and bought a ps audio dl iii dac here on agon, lets see if it sounds close to cd