Sonos Products

Has anyone tried the new Sonos Products?

How was your experience?

I'm thinking of adding the Sonos ZonePlayer 90 to my audio system to stream music wirelessly from my NAS (CDs ripped to FLAC).
i was thinking of replacing my old zp100 with a zp90 so that i could use the digital outs in the zp90 to a dac and then to a jolida integrated. based on what i am reading here, a cullen mod is needed and just an external dac does not suffice. what is a better way to get lossless music from a nas to the main system? i know a bit anout olive, but anything elsr that can work with an existing nas?
I use a stock ZP-90 > digital out > a Cary Xciter DAC > Bada hybrid integrated amp. I also stream my entire library stored as AIFF via ethernet into the Sonos and out the digital cable into the DAC.

While it sounds terrific I still can not critically listen to music this way. I can sit back and enjoy the randomness of the programmed "station" but if I want to seriously listen I need my cds. The files on the NAS still don't compete either. Oddly. Maybe a modded ZP90 would help. I am going to put a reclocker on the Cary in the naxt couple of months. Maybe that'll help.
tiggerfc, i am swapping th zp 100 for a zp 90 with digital outs and bought a ps audio dl iii dac here on agon, lets see if it sounds close to cd
Pjohri, you may want to try to a/b the ethernet to your zp-90 through the dac against the usb from the NAS to the dac. I personally think that ethernet is still the way to go. A lot more low end and a cleaner more detailed sound. I don't get what the fuss is over USB aside from people wanting their computer to be the primary server. My computer will never be used as a server. And I rarely use my NAS either. I still prefer cd. And that's going againt a PS3. If people are saying a NAS to a dac sounds better than their $4,000 cd transport to dac then they paid way too much for their transport when they could have spent $300 for a PS3 which I think sounds damn good with my Cary dac.

BTW, don't know if this matters to you but I run optical out from the PS3 and the standard digital (non-optical) output from the Sonos. I would run both optical but I only have one optical input on the dac which is a slight let down. If you need more of an idea of what I run I do have it posted in virtual systems. Might help for comparison. Good luck with your DLiii. I here the mods really do make a world of difference too.
Can you tell me why you prefer CD? What is it that you're hearing, or not?

I've been able, occasionally, to detect differences from my CDs vs. Lossless files. Not always, not all files, no real reason or pattern I can detect, which is interesting at best and frustrating at worst. But generally I can only detect 'different,' not necessarily that one or the other is actually 'better.' I might prefer one over the other, depending upon the track and the file, but it's not an across-the-board indictment of one over the other.

I'm not blessed with audiophile language to describe particularly accurately what I'm hearing (when there is a difference), but it's something around the space surrounding bass notes, and/or the attack of these same notes. The generalization would be verrrry slightly more of both (more space, sharper attack), but again, this is not always a net benefit to my ears by any stretch of the imagination. I know should be able to describe what's being sacrificed when I hear these changes that would make me prefer 'less space and less crisp attack,' but I can't.

I've only got that it sometimes sounds different, and different is not always better.

So any specific language you can share about what it is that you're hearing differently off disk vs. from your files would be very interesting to me. Thanks!