Sonos Products

Has anyone tried the new Sonos Products?

How was your experience?

I'm thinking of adding the Sonos ZonePlayer 90 to my audio system to stream music wirelessly from my NAS (CDs ripped to FLAC).
Shiitaki, I actually do use error correction. It's awesome. I can burn a whole cd in a half hour! lol

Soundgasm, I guess I could describe the sound difference with cd as a fatter, fuller sound with a very distinct sense of presence. Coming from the NAS it just seems lifeless and thin. The bass is actually a bit more textured (which I like) coming from the NAS. CD not so much. While I suffer a lack of the audio lingo as well I think what I used to describe it should suffice.

And I have done an a/b between these. Both with a slightly different and distinct flavor. It is quite evident. And that is the part that really bothers me. Everyone is so anti-cd now and claiming insane results with digital files and I've done everything and taken every step to ensuring I'm doing it correctly with no besting of the cd. From a PS3 no less!

So either everyone is caught up in the convenience of going digital and trying to justify it by saying its better or I have some serious equipment issues. I might not have high-end gear but come on, at nearly $7k retail it isn't exactly the most basic entry system either.
I also was going to go the SONOS route, but a few things in my research changed my mind. First SONOS is not compatible with all brands of NAS drives. Also, there is a limit to the number of song you can have in your NAS drive. I opted for a squeezebox for my general listening around the house, and I an still looking for a high quality component to use for my hi-end system. I just installed a 10/100/1000 network, so what I get will have to be on that speed level.
tiggerfc: 'Pjohri, you may want to try to a/b the ethernet to your zp-90 through the dac against the usb from the NAS to the dac.'

sorry, but what is a/b? the setup i will have is a NAS with flac, over wifi to sonos zp 90, digi out from zp90 into a DLIII and DLII to Jolida integrated.
Pjohri - You already know the answer. a/b is just a direct comparison between two items to attempt to most effectively differentiate, in this case, sound. :-)