Sonos Products

Has anyone tried the new Sonos Products?

How was your experience?

I'm thinking of adding the Sonos ZonePlayer 90 to my audio system to stream music wirelessly from my NAS (CDs ripped to FLAC).
tiggerfc: 'Pjohri, you may want to try to a/b the ethernet to your zp-90 through the dac against the usb from the NAS to the dac.'

sorry, but what is a/b? the setup i will have is a NAS with flac, over wifi to sonos zp 90, digi out from zp90 into a DLIII and DLII to Jolida integrated.
Pjohri - You already know the answer. a/b is just a direct comparison between two items to attempt to most effectively differentiate, in this case, sound. :-)
have read all the reply's to this and have not found an answer to my question which is in regards to the wyred for sound dac 2 paired with a stock sonos zp90 using coax digital out. i think i am correct in understanding that wyred has either bought or teamed up with cullen, which makes me wonder if the wyred dac 2's stated jitter reduction capabilities would take care of sonos' issue in that department. is it a wrong assumption? does another $500 for the cullen mod on the sonos need to be made (assume i have good interconnects, power, ect.) in order to go to another level?
W4S is owned by Cullen, we could call it a division of Cullen. As for the ZP90 jitter issue the ESS chip in DAC 1 and 2 have extremely good jitter reduction. I hear very little difference with my Cullen modded ZP vs an un modded unit. Beyond that the sound quality of a ZP90 and a W4S Dac is great, add to that the functionality of Sonos and I think you'll be very happy.