Sonos Questions

I've been using a Roku Soundbridge for several years but have never been able to get it to successfully play lossless files without constantly rebuffering.I have spent endless hours on the Roku forum site and unsucessfully confering with their alleged support staff and have finally had enough.

The Sonos looks like a good alternative, but I have a few concerns. Other related threads indicate some sonic issues due to jitter problems. I currently use a Proceed DAC with an optical connection to the Soundbridge, and that change from the stock Soundbridge was a big improvement. The Sqeezebox looks like an alternative, but the Sonos interface seems much better (ie something the rest of the family might actually use).

So what's the consensus on sound, assuming that a decent DAC is used?

Second, I have about 2000 CD's so I want to have a commecial ripping service store them for me. Since my computer system is Apple based, I thought ALAC is the way to go. I've also seen threads here that the Buffalo NAS devices can be problematic for Apple users. I need to choose an appropriate NAS device to get this project up and running.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Happy New Year!
I'm really more interested in Sonos adding support for higher resolution flac files. That would be my next digital jump, I think. I don't think Sonos is going to go there. I wonder if that is merely a firware upgrade to be able to happen?
Frederick21 - I agree. Even Squeezebox just launched their new Duet and it does not support 24/96.
As I reported earlier, I have been testing a Sonos ZP80 with an improved power supply. Contrary to what another participant in this thread asserts (based on no direct evidence, it appears), the power supply upgrade made a substantial improvement to the performance of the Sonos system.

Last week I received a second ZP80 with improved power supply. I own three ZP80s, two of which have been fitted with a new power supply. One upgraded ZP80 is connected to my network and hard drive storage. The second upgraded ZP80 is connected to my audio system.

The components of my audio system are:
ZP80 source
Audio Horizons tube DAC
Audio Horizons tube preamplifier
Simaudio W-5 power amplifier
Coincident Super Eclipse Mk III loudspeakers.

Also, I have a rotary A-B switch (with unbalanced and balanced connectors) in front of the power amp which allows me to compare two sources. I maintain a direct connection from the ZP80 unbalanced preamp out to the unbalanced power amplifier inputs. Also, I have a connection from the ZP80 digital out through the DAC/preamp to the balanced power amplifier inputs.

In an earlier post on this thread, I described what I heard using one upgraded ZP80 (connected to the audio system). Now with two upgraded ZP80s in the signal path, I can hear further improvement, of same kind I described in the earlier post.

How much improvement? How do you measure such things? By my scale (of which I cannot specify the metric), I think of the improvement added by the second upgraded power supply to be about 20% of the improvement delivered by the first upgraded power supply. In my opinion, after adding the second upgraded ZP80, the improvement from the ZP80 preamp out was greater than the improvement from the ZP80 digital out.

I can say that the quality of the ZP80 digital signal through the DAC/preamp now is the equal or better of the signal I got from my upgraded Levinson 37. It is very good.

I have no information from Joseph about the cost of these units. The modified ZP80s to which I am listening are protoypes. If I learn more, I will share the news with you.
I've had a Sonos system with eight zones for the past year. Just switched my computer system to an iMac and having no problems. I run my music library from a Buff Tech 1.0 TB Terastation Pro with no problems. My Zonos ZP80's digital out goes to my SimAudio CD player's digital in, so I use the CD player's DAC in my "higher end" two channel listening space. The sound is fabulous and I listen just as much to Rhapsody as my own music.
I have a Sonos system and a Transporter. The TP smokes the Sonos, even on lower resolution files (the TP does play 24/96 files), but I listen to the Sonos slightly more often because it is just so convenient. I wouldn't sell either unit but am interested in upgrading a ZP80 and run digital out to a TP input.

Rdc2000. Get the remote! It adds so much to the enjoyment of the system.