Sonus Extrema: Amplifier and room size

I am thinking about buying a pair of Extremas. I currently own a wonderful EAR 890 (70W per channel), and I wonder whether it is sufficiently powerful to drive them. Also, what is the minimum room size to enjoy the Extremas? Thanks
I owned a set of Extremas for about 6 years. I used them in a room that was approx 18 x 20 with 12 foot ceiling height with good but not great results. They like to be at least 2 to 3 feet from rear wall and 2 to 3 feet in from side walls and about 9 feet apart to sound best. they will reward you with the most holigraphic soundstage with layering that you could only dream of. however i used high current tube amps (CAT JL-1 mono)with very good results.
Thanks for the suggestions. My room is about 17x12, high ceiling...probably too small for them?
sory guys, these speakers need Power!!!! give it and you'll be happy, if not don't do it!