Sonus Faber Amati Homage vs Thiel 7.2

I currently own the SF Amatis, and a pair of 7.2 have come up for sale. I know the Amatis are worth more retail than the 7.2s. But for me the retail value dosen't always reflect how much I like the sound. I understand the 7.2 are Thiel's top flagship speaker and the Amatis are SF's 2nd. I am unable to audition the 7.2's because there's not any retailers selling them, and I don't know anyone with a pair.
Has anyone compared these 2 speakers? I know it's hard, but can someone please describe the sound of the 7.2s to me.
After reading a Sterophile review of the Amatis back in 99, I knew I had to have a pair, and after getting them, I was pleased, but still think that speakers could sound better. My main problem with the Amatis is that although they're clear, very dynamic (can hear every sound), have exceptional imaging, and can be played very loud, I find the mids quite thin. Thin in that everyone's voices seem higher than they are. I guess I lik the dark rich Barry White sytle vocals.
Because of my percieved lack of mid range in the vocal abilities of the Amatis, I thought the 7.2s might do better in this category.
Your comments are appreciated.

what electronics are you using? You might use Cardas golden Cross biwire to warm things up a bit.
Don't know anything about Thiel speakers but my Amatis produce mid-range "to-die-for". I'm using Cary SLP-05 pre-amp, Cary 306 SACD and a pair of Cary V12i Monoblocs...all tube gear.
A friend of mine has a pair of the Amatis and I don't find them to sound as you describe. I am fairly familiar with them. My first thought reading your post is that it might be a system synergy issue. As per Brunogolf, what's in your system? My friend power his with a Sonic Frontier Line3 SE & a BAT VK-75.

I have been listening to Thiel speakers for over 12 years, first with the 2.2 and then 3.6. If anything, I think the Thiels would have a more analytical sound than the Amatis, everything else been equal. So swapping out your Amatis with a pair of Thiel 7.2 might not be the right direction.