Sonus Faber Concertino differences

I've been looking around a some concertinos on the used market and have noticed that there are some with single and others with dual binding posts. I was just wondering about that, and which pair are more sought after. It seems that the model with dual posts are going for more, but it could just be an anomaly.
The concertinos with the bi-ampable inputs is the first generation of them. The ones with single inputs could be the concertino homes or domus. All 3 generations had different drivers and sound different. I like the 2nd generation best personally(concertino home) but I'm not sure which is most sought after.

I’m resurrecting this old thread because I have the same question and 12 years have passed since it was last answered.  

can anyone comment about the differences between the three versions of the Sonus Faber Ceoncertinos?

the earliest version with the biamp posts, the Concertino Home with the single posts, and the bookshelf Concertino Domus.  What are the differences and is one version more sought after than another?


thanks much!

The Home line was introduced to be a higher volume line than the originals, with distribution through Tweeter, for example. They were designed to be easier to drive than the originals. There are pretty close to the originals in sound, although I like the original ones somewhat better. The Domus line replaced the Home line and it was a new design, after the founder Franco Serblin left the company. They never had the magic of the earlier lines, at least for me. So, in this case, the earlier versions were better than the ones that followed, although the original and Home are very nice. Personally, I would stay away from the Domus line.  That is also why the Domus line is up for sale more often than the earlier ones.  The originals are the most sought after.