Sonus Faber Concerto upgrade?

Hi ,

I am thinking on upgrading from my Sonus Faber Concertos but I really do not know where to start my research . I am using a Consonance Cyber 100 integrated for now.Any word of help would be highly appreciated

I do like the Concertos.I just want to know what else there is . I just feel overwhelmed with choice . Did anyone move from the Concertos to something else? I mostly listen to rock and classical.
I also have Concertos, Concerto Domus. I have listened to the new Liutos and then the Cremora Ms. I didn't think the Liutos were that much better than the concertos. But the Cremora Ms, now that was a differnet matter. I thought they were quite abit better, fuller sounding, better soundstage, etc. I will be upgrading to the Cremoras. Good luck to you.
I had a SF grand piano home,moved to cremona auditor.Big step forward,aldo I was sceptical because they are smaller speakers,but I was so wrong.The stage is bigger and the presence,details and the body of instruments are beyond comparation to grand pianos.They need a strong amp and good source too,but would recomend them with all of my heart,specially for classic or jazz music. I guees that for the next step I would need double amount of money(Guarnieri perhaps)and not only for speakers
you can upgrade up the Sonus Faber line, or check out the
Dynaudio Contour S1.4,

i'm interested in buying a pair of Concertos, is your black
or wood ? is it bi-wired or single terminal ? how much would
you like ? where are you located ?