Sonus Faber Dominus Grand Piano vs Usher 6831/6731

Today I auditioned some Grand Pianos from Sonus Faber, coming out of mid-range Arcam seperates.

I also auditioned some Focal JM Lab's Cobalt 816s, and frankly I really preferred the $2K Focals to the $5k Sonus. The Focals had more detail, revealed more of the music and seemed to allow the music to sound more natural. It did seem a bit bright without the help of a sub woofer.

In contrast the Sonus Grand Pianos were more fluid, more emmotional, definitely warmer. The soundstage was not as open as the Focals though, things seemed to be compressed in terms of depth of the stage. I honestly just wasn't that happy with them.

All that said, I am wondering how the Usher 6381 or 6371 compares to either of these two? Are the Ushers more revealing like the Focals or are they warmer and more fluid like the Sonus?
I really didn't care for the Ushers the two times I've heard them, but to throw another monkey into the wrench, have you heard the Focal ( @#$%^ I can't think of the model right now, but it's 10??) maybe a 1027, I heard them a couple of months ago and they really surprised me. I don't know if that helps at all.
Ok but for point of reference, have you ever heard either the Sonus Grand Piano or the Focal Cobalt 816S?

Otherwise it could just indicate a difference in our tastes...
I have own three pairs of JM Lab speakers form the Chorus, Cobalt and Electra lines, including the Cobalt 816. I found them all to be good but not great speakers and would recommend them if someone liked to listen to primarily rock music. I listened breifly to a pair of Ushers (looked like the SF Concertino's) and they were very different that the JM Labs. I recently purchased a pair of SF Domus Concerto (same size as the grand piano's but $3500)and they took almost 500 hrs to break in! I feel that these speakers mated with the right amp/wire combo will best most anything I have owned and 90% of what I have listened to. I just love them and am still amazed at what I hear when playing CD's I haven't listened to in a long time. I hope this helps