Sonus Faber Extremas ?

For owners or anyone who's heard them, what are some good choices for amplification?

Thanks all
i am still puzzled to this day why sonus faber would discontinue the extrema- a virtual ton of positive reviews of their sound continues to proliferate the internet forums. my brother has a pair on sound anchor stands (which are an excellent match for wilson cubs or the extremas) and they are so solidly built and, when properly set up, compete with monitors or floorstanders equally well- they are certainly a unique cross between the two. he powers them with pass aleph 1.2's (200w/ch) which is more than adequate and again, are a product i wish nelson pass never discontinued either! maybe the XA-series are better (they certainly cost alot more), but go back and read the stereophile review of the aleph 1.2's- they are favorably compared to good tube amps. just put on some blue-note jazz on my brother's stereo and "you are there"...
Mark Levinson 33H. I heard this setup in a dealers showroom and the sound was simply spectacular.
I'm willing to bet one reason for the discontinuation was difficult load.Many Euro hobbyists like low powered tube stuff(great,btw)and that is a NO-NO with the Extremas!Did I say that these speakers are Gorgeous,and Unique looking???
There was a nice,used,pair available about two months ago.In mint condition.I was hoping my friend would pick them up,as he has a wonderful amp,for matching.The Rowland 8T.He passed.His loss!!
I see that you are a great fan of the Extremas and I don't blame you. They look gorgeous and sound equally great when set up properly. While I like the performance of these speakers, the main reason I bought them was for their looks. They certainly make great decorative pieces of art.
I don't want to dominate this thread,but,if anyone "really" wants to hear these wonderful speakers,they MUST have a good "add-on" super tweeter.Like the Townshends,or some of the other offerings on the market(MURATA?).It makes a significant impact on performance.Unless you only care about the looks -:)