Sonus Faber Extremas ?

For owners or anyone who's heard them, what are some good choices for amplification?

Thanks all
Mark Levinson 33H. I heard this setup in a dealers showroom and the sound was simply spectacular.
I'm willing to bet one reason for the discontinuation was difficult load.Many Euro hobbyists like low powered tube stuff(great,btw)and that is a NO-NO with the Extremas!Did I say that these speakers are Gorgeous,and Unique looking???
There was a nice,used,pair available about two months ago.In mint condition.I was hoping my friend would pick them up,as he has a wonderful amp,for matching.The Rowland 8T.He passed.His loss!!
I see that you are a great fan of the Extremas and I don't blame you. They look gorgeous and sound equally great when set up properly. While I like the performance of these speakers, the main reason I bought them was for their looks. They certainly make great decorative pieces of art.
I don't want to dominate this thread,but,if anyone "really" wants to hear these wonderful speakers,they MUST have a good "add-on" super tweeter.Like the Townshends,or some of the other offerings on the market(MURATA?).It makes a significant impact on performance.Unless you only care about the looks -:)