Sonus Faber Extremas ?

For owners or anyone who's heard them, what are some good choices for amplification?

Thanks all
I see that you are a great fan of the Extremas and I don't blame you. They look gorgeous and sound equally great when set up properly. While I like the performance of these speakers, the main reason I bought them was for their looks. They certainly make great decorative pieces of art.
I don't want to dominate this thread,but,if anyone "really" wants to hear these wonderful speakers,they MUST have a good "add-on" super tweeter.Like the Townshends,or some of the other offerings on the market(MURATA?).It makes a significant impact on performance.Unless you only care about the looks -:)
I guess I'm in the minority here about the looks. The woodwork was indeed exquisite, but I never liked the big, almost yawning look of the woofer from the front. An amazingly good speaker, though, when properly driven.
The Townshend super tweeters(really SUPER,btw)hook up with it's own cable,to the speaker binding post,or amp posts.Really easy!The thing I like about these is that it sits "low" on top of the speaker,and is very close to the original(somewhat rolled off)tweeter.This allows a great blend.The Townshends are,also,"tiny" and do not take away from the overall gorgeous look of the Extremas.Some of the other super tweets are set higher in their enclosure,and may not blend as well as the fabulous Townshends.