Sonus Faber Guarneri with SET amplifier -possible?

is there any chance to drive new Sonus Faber Guarneri Memento with SET amplifier?

I think about something like Jadis SE300B.
It is 10 W per channel amplifier with two parallel 300B triodes at the output and oversized transformers.
It sound much more powerful than claimed 10 Watts.

I don’t like to listen very loud, don’t like to much of deep bass and have 2200 cu ft room (20’ x 15’).

The amp itself sound fabulous and I would like to get SF the best midrange possible.

Any ideas?
I usedSF gauniere with mccomarcak dna 1 dlx after with AR VT100, so I bougjt ne gamut d200mk3 - very fast , the strigs the best I listened til now, than I used for some time audiopax 30 watts SET mono. I think this spekears need a lot of watts, better 200 watts or more , you can see the woofer moving like one wave from the speaker. I do not belive you can get a goosg sound from SF guaniere wit a SET, maybe a fantastic medium , but you will lost the bass, and microdinamics, the sensivity is 87,5Db, but I think the impedance curve is not very friendly with SET and few watts. I can not live with SS amplifier, but if I went back to guarniere I would have to chosse a excelent SS power ( classe A) and a fantastic tube preamplifier. One thing I know from SF guarniere, the most beatiful speaker I know , and the best speaker for strings.
Milimetr, I am currently using SF GH's; to drive them I am using a Jeff Rowland model 8 with choke and a CAT sig pre-amp. This combo works well because the G's are fairly inefficent and with tube pre-amp and a large ss amp they come alive. The G's seem to need at least 50+ watts in front of them. I have heard the G's with BAT amps at 50 watts/channel and they were just about able to drive the speakers although I could hear some strain. With 10W SET's, I suspect you will be overloading the amps most of the time. My room is pretty small and I can still get the amp pushed a little and we are talking 250 watts per channel! So, I suspect, that an ideal match in tubes would be in the order of 75 watts/channel minimum... something like the Tenor 75's or any of the bigger Jadis amps. Not as sweet as the SET Jadis 300's, but a much better match for the G's.
I listen to the Guarneri's with a Unison Research Preludio 14 watt tube and they sound beautiful with individual piano , violin or guitar music.   I then switch over to a Devialet 1000 watt SS for everything else.  The 1000pro has complete control of the Guarneri,s whereby the preludio can just give you that sublime midrange.   I guess we can't have everything.  
Sonus Faber Guarneri with SET amplifier -possible?
Not if you want the best bass possible around 100hz. Because the SF’s have a 4ohm load combined with a -50 degree negative phase angle around that frequency, which the amp could see being as low as 2-3ohms. And with a SET is could sound a bit thin in this area.

Cheers George

Hi, i have just bought SF Guarnier mememto, possible driving by power 300B SE full Tango + pre amp uesugi ubros 1? Or pow Audio Research vs110 + preamp Uesugi Ubros 1?