Sonus Faber Guarneri with SET amplifier -possible?

is there any chance to drive new Sonus Faber Guarneri Memento with SET amplifier?

I think about something like Jadis SE300B.
It is 10 W per channel amplifier with two parallel 300B triodes at the output and oversized transformers.
It sound much more powerful than claimed 10 Watts.

I don’t like to listen very loud, don’t like to much of deep bass and have 2200 cu ft room (20’ x 15’).

The amp itself sound fabulous and I would like to get SF the best midrange possible.

Any ideas?
SF Guarnier mememto, possible driving by power 300B SE

These Memento’s, to me still not for a low powered 300B set, into that impedance and phase angle in the bass
Cheers George
Right now, I am driving GH's with a 45watt/ch Jadis JA 30mk2. No problem whatsoever. How much power are you going to be getting from the 300BSE amp? I have come to the conclusion that although the G's do need some power, what is more important is a superb transformer upstream. OTOH, I still do not think a flea powered SET will have enough drive for these speakers, regardless of the quality of the transformer.